WeldTrainer is a 3D Virtual Welding Simulator aimed for the vocational training world. Using cutting edge technology and real time motion tracking systems, Weldtrainer allows the user to be immersed into a welding room where virtual welding can be performed in real time in the same way that in real life.

With the real time motion tracking system of great precision, the user finds himself in a virtual world where every single every action performed by user yields a real time response within the simulation. User can look, move and interact with enviroment into the virtual welding room as they pleases.

User performs a higher number of actual welding hours because all of the hours taught using the simulator involve actual welding such as no need to change parts, wait for them to cool, remove slag, etc. The training process cost is reduced, the simulator shortens the training time and heavily reduces the consumption of materials.

Every possible accident or dangerous situation is completely avoided with the use of the simulation. The initial learning curve for user is faster. the user can understand and master faster and better the key aspects of welding such as distance, angles and welding speed control.


FL-TRAINER is an electric and diesel forklift simulator, triple mast with free lift. Its design is meant for training personnel that needs to learn to drive a forklift with ease and precision. The user interacts with the simulation using a chassis that replicates the actual control of a forklift and the action is displayed simultaneously on 2 screens, one for the front view and the other one for a rear view.

Computer running the entire simulation which at real-time generates the images you see. It is integrated into the structure of the cabin under the seat. The user also manages the point of view of the interactive simulation by the very movement of his head due to the tracking system of position and orientation integrated in the simulator.

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