Our Services

"We offer an A to Z solution from concept, design, layout, graphics and production towards meeting customer’s business requirement.
We believe it is the fastest and most economical way to creating awareness and presence for our customers."

  • IT & Communication
  • Within the ICT sector, I-MPV has the capacity and capability to provide products and services in several breakdown areas :-

    ¤ Project Management, Consultancy & Training
    ¤ Hardware & Software Solution
    ¤ Networking, Cabling and Integration
    ¤ Digital Imaging/Display Solution

    To remain competitive, businesses need to embrace current and new technologies in order for their businesses to become more efficient and competitive. We are able to provide ICT solutions that meet the ever changing needs of businesses. Customized applications for businesses such as planning and operation tools, multimedia applications and database integration with the World Wide Web are available from us.
  • Design & Development
  • We design, develop, build, deploy and manage high performance, scalable cross-platform applications for web, mobile, desktop, server, cloud, distributed and embedded systems.
  • System Integration
  • Our engineers and project managers leverage broad and deep domain and industry-specific expertise to conceptualize, design, implement, deploy and maintain integrated control, power, safety and information solutions anywhere in the world. Take advantage of proven, flexible scope of supply, comprehensive system documentation and responsive, local system testing and support for your projects.